Friday, August 17, 2012

 Tonka and I went on a wonderful ride with my friend Melissa this morning.  It's been too long since our last ride, but we picked up even better than where we left off.  He didn't seem to have any muscle problems at all today.  And we both had a good, relaxing time.
 I've got to find my camera.  My phone just doesn't take great pictures.  But at least it does take pictures!
I don't really have a lot to talk about, I guess.  Nothing new on the house sale/moving front.  Kids are going to start school soon.  Dogs are happy.  Horses are happy.  Bella has an abscess under her jaw, probably from cheat grass, so I've been treating that with a warm Epsom salts compress twice a day.  She's also getting to go out with a grazing muzzle on for part of the day.  Dry lot wasn't helping her weight at all - she needs exercise.  I'm not sure she'll ever be sound, so I'm not worrying about riding her right now.  Scout is a fat boy, and happy, and sweet.  That's about all I've got that's interesting, and it isn't all that interesting... 

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cindy durham said...

Can I just say, totally jealous and envious of where you get to ride!