Monday, August 06, 2012

Yesterday was an excellent day.  We went Huckleberry picking and then played in the water, then did nothing in the heat of the day.  I've been sick again, I think the same weird virus I had a couple weeks ago, but most of yesterday I felt much better.

My guys picking berries, and I had just called Blue.

Here he comes!
Kamikaze Puppy!
He only moves at warp speed in the woods, no matter what the terrain.

My son actually requested that I take his picture.  Normally he gets mad at me when I do.

Huckleberry, eating huckleberries!

A very reluctant berry-picker.

What a view!

The beautiful, sweet object of our search.  The season is about done, and the commercial pickers have been there, so we didn't get near as many as we did a couple weeks ago.

Down at the river, blue got my lens wet, the little stinker.

Waiting for a stick.

Sun dog with one leg:

Huckleberry looking regal:

Kamikaze Puppy!

Regal Huckleberry:

A forest creeper:

Pretty water:

My handsome Huckleberry again:

Loyal Friend:


Sweet Huck:

Water skippers :)

Katia, skipping rocks:

Happy Feet!

Oh. My. Dog.

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froglander said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day!

I hope you are feeling better :)