Monday, August 27, 2012

Yesterday was a horseless day and today probably will be too.  Well, I'll get to play with other people's horses, since I'm working, but probably won't have time for my own.  It's back to school week for Liam so we're going to have a busy couple of days and soon I'll have an empty nest during the school day.  Time to look for more work, I think.

I did pull all the mats out of my horse trailer yesterday.  I think I'm going to re-paint the floorboards before I put the mats back.

We did get out into the wilderness yesterday as a whole family.  I haven't edited all my photos yet to make them small enough to post, but here are a few.


Gorgeous creek. Someone has put a mining claim on this spot but it's not closed to the public yet.

We named this "candycorn fungus."  Have no idea what it's really called.

I severely disgusted my husband by calling this one "catbutt fungus."  If you look closely you can see why.  Too bad it's so ugly in the middle, the part that looks like a flower is actually really pretty.

A ghoulish face in a root ball.

But back to horses, and mustangs specifically.  There's a young Coyote Lakes gelding going up for adoption on the BLM's internet adoption.  He looks SO much like Tonka when he was a young ugly duckling.
There are a bunch more on the site if you care to take a look.  Once you follow the link just click on "Online Gallery" at the top of the page.


C-ingspots said...

Hilarious about the cat butt fungus!! But, I can totally see it!! Isn't it funny what gets the guys grossed out? :) I love, love, love that gnarly tree root!! Oh my, I'd love to take that home and put it in my yard...maybe plant some trailing posey to grow up in it. So pretty!
Last weekend we watched the Oregon Teens and Mustangs challenge. Awesome job done by all kids with their yearling Mustangs. Just amazing what can be done in such short periods of time with these super smart horses. I was impressed! Didn't stay for the auction though, so don't know how the prices went. Hopefully they went to good homes for big bucks!

Cindy Durham said...

Oh that was funny! "Cat Butt fungus" Looks just like it too!
Beautiful pics! I love the little glimpses into your world.

Keechy said...

Looked at all the horses there on the auction site. Some lovely ones. Think they'd ship to Oz? :)

froglander said...

This guy is cute too

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Glad y'all aren't as offended by my sense of humor as my husband is. :)

Keechy - Do they have adoption options for brumbies over there? I've heard they're gorgeous horses.

Kristi - that's funny, the one you linked was actually the first one that caught my eye. I like him a lot.