Monday, September 17, 2012

I'm sharing my list of possible names for my new boy.  One of them just came to me out of the blue, and so I think it's his name, but I don't want to say what it is until I'm sure it fits him.  Some of these I've already decided against after saying them out loud.  I'd love to hear what you think, which names you like or don't like.  Or other suggestions.  :)

Banjo - I like that name, and love the instrument
Sequoia - big, strong, long-lived, and wonderful
Cai - King Arthur's foster brother, a good man, means "rejoice."
David - a biblical character and also a character from a book
Duncan - a quiet, honorable character in a book I read
Atticus - my favorite male character (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Joseph - Chief Joseph
Red Cloud - Born in 1822, the horse's tag number
Noah - "Long lived"
Beck - a cheerful creek running through the forest
Orion - one of my two favorite constellations
Benewah - a former chief of the tribe just north of us
Oak - strong, long lived, beautiful tree


Kate said...

My very special QH gelding, who was a red bay, was named Noble, so I have to vote for that. He passed away a couple years ago at age 30 and I miss him still.

Paint Girl said...

He is sure a good looking guy!
I like a few and they are:
Sequoia, Duncan and Noble! I can't wait to see which one you pick!

Grey Horse Matters said...

I like Sequoia and Noble. He's gorgeous and very proud looking.

ABScharstein said...


Cindy Durham said...

I like Noble also.....but when I look at him I see "Tam the Untamed"

Have you ever read that book? He isn't the same color as Tam but other than that he is exactly how I picture him. Big strong, roman nose. Wild at heart yet gentle for those he loves.

I would probably name him Tam. But thats just me.

He is wonderful though.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I've never heard of "Tam the Untamed." I'll have to look it up!

Flying Cowgirl said...

I think Noble, that has been the word that has been in my head every time I have seen his picture, right from the start. He has that face of a Noble war horse.

froglander said...

Of the names on your list, I like Duncan--but I am curious to know the name you didn't list?

froglander said...

Heh, someone mentioned he looked like a noble war about Joey?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I listed them all, I just didn't say which one I thought his name would be. :)

I won't decide for sure until I see what his personality is like.

C-ingspots said...

Wow, you've got several that I like. Eagle is the name of my mustang, he's a bay and a very stout boy too. But, when reading them aloud and thinking about your horse...Duncan is the name I'd pick for him. Somehow it seems to suit him best. I'm curious as to which one popped into your head. That's how I name all my animals. I take time to get to know them without even trying to come up with a name, and then one day, it just pops in my head and that's who they are. Congratulations on your beautiful new boy!! He's quite handsome.

C-ingspots said...

How do you pronounce Cai??
(Ky) or (Sy) ???

Cindy Durham said...

Tam the untamed is by an Auther named Mary Elwyn Patchett. It is about a young girl on a ranch in Australia who raises a foal from birth after the mare dies. It is a great lesson on why horses need boundries, but it is also a wonderful story of the wild horses of Australia (Brumbies) and the love of a girl for her horse. A horse that only she "knows". I first read it when I was very young, it was my mom's book before I had it, and she had it since she was a child. Funny thing, I left the book with her when I moved away, and just recently got it back from her (I couldn't beleieve she still had it) and I read it again. I was afraid that as an adult it would not be as good a book....I was wrong. It is as good of a read now as it ever was. If you can get a copy, hang on to it. It is a rare and wonderful find.

I like the suggestion of Duncan also.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Ky. It can also be spelled Kai. In one of the stories I read he also had the Roman name Caius Aurelius. I was a big King Arthur fan in my teen years...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You've got some good names.

Banjo - Fun name, but you'll have to see how 'musical' he is. Looking at his photos, the name seems at odds with him somehow
Sequoia - This name fits him perfectly.
Cai - Cai looks like it should be pronounced sigh. Not really digging it, unless it was spelled Kai.
David - Too plain. He doesn't look plain at all.
Duncan - This name is nice, but sounds like someone who is a goofball. It doesn't look like it goes with his looks, imo.
Atticus - Nice can even nickname him Cuss when you're mad at him. lol!
Joseph - Same as David...just doesn't fit somehow.
Red Cloud - Great name and perfect connection to his history, too!
Noah - Seems to 'soft' Doesn't fit his appearance.
Noble - Nice....but you'll have to see how he likes it.
Eagle - He's not a bird.
Beck - Sounds like "he will answer to my beck and call" Not crazy about this one.
Orion - This is a beautiful name. Sounds strong...but doesn't quite fit his appearance. You'll have to see how he likes it.
Benewah - People will want to call him Benny. Or Wah Wah. :P
Oak - Awesome name....for a tree. ;)

My mare came with the name Sugar. She is as sweet as Sugar, whenever I called her Sugar, it sounded forced and strange, and most importantly, my mare gave me the hairy eyeball when I'd call her Sugar. A few days after I brought her home, I was sitting outside with her as she was munching her hay, I was thinking of nothing...just enjoying the sounds of her eating and the birds chirping, when all of a sudden the name I am Apache just popped into my head. The feeling was so strong that it caught me off guard and I glanced up at my mare and she was staring at me intensely. So, I said to her "You are Apache", and she took a step towards me, bent her head and nuzzled me with her nose.
And that was her name from then on.

I know she chose her name, because Apache was not even a name I had thought about naming her. I wasn't even thinking about names or renaming her when that name popped into my head.
It's funny, too. Whenever I call my mare "Apache Girl", I can tell she loves it. She becomes all soft-eyed and affectionate with me.

So, my advice is to have those names available, but listen to your new horse after he arrives and allow him to choose his own name :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just realized I said that Oak is a good name for a tree...but said that Sequoia sounds like a great name for him. lol!
I think I prefer multi-syllable names and I like the way Sequoia rolls across the tongue.
Now if your new horse chose the name Oakley, I would probably love it. lol!

Oh, and also, I sometimes wonder if the reason that my mare chose the name Apache is because she was born on an Indian Reservation and spent the first 3 years of her life untouched roaming the Rez. Perhaps it was the Mescalero Apache Reservation?
I wish I knew more about her history :(


Keechy said...

Laughing Orca, your funny story about your mare giving you the hairy eyeball over a name made me think of the day we went and picked up my new mare. She was a big, old fashioned-looking clydie cross girl. Her name was Toffee which didn't suit her one little bit. It was a long drive home and my sister and I got quite silly thinking of name ideas for her on the drive. We convinced ourselves that old fashioned lady names were the go, and came up with Fanny as a joke (It is even worse in connotation here in Oz than it is in the US) then bounced it around so much we managed to convince ourselves that Fanny was the perfect name. :) We stopped for petrol and i looked into the float (trailer) to check on the new horse and I called her Fanny, and you have never seen such an insulted expression in your life. I immediately wrote that one off and we went back to thinking of names on the rest of the drive. By the time we got home we'd thought of Isabeau after the lady from the movie Ladyhawke. We called her that when we unloaded her and she loved it, especially when you crooned it gently and musically to her, and she remained Isabeau (or Big Iz or Izzie) for the rest of her life.

Keechy said...

For names I think I like Noble best too. I like naming for characteristics you would like the animal to have, whether directly or by naming them for someone you admire. I knew a wonderful horse called Courage once.

Keechy said...

Actually the name Banjo makes me think of our Oz poet, Banjo Patterson, who wrote 'The Man From Snowy River,' which leads me to thinking of one of his characters, who was a real person too, called Clancy of the Overflow. I think this guy looks rather like a Clancy too, but no idea how that translates to the US. Here is the poem.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I would choose Duncan or Banjo. I wouldn't choose Atticus because I have a friend whose little boy named that died of cancer a few months ago. Do you remember our pony Sequoia. He is with a disabled child in Mead now. Whatever you pick will be wonderful though. Say them outloud and call to him even if he isn't there and see how it sounds. Blessings

froglander said...

I dunno, something about him, and his face, still has me thinking Duncan.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your story made me giggle. I can totally envision a Clydie mare giving you and insulted expression. lol! You should have seen my Apache mare when I called her Sugar. She was SO over it. lol!

Oh and I really like the name Clancy and it does fit his looks. Just gotta see if it fits his personality and see if he likes it, too :)


froglander said...

Yeah, I could see him wearing the name Clancy.

You'll just have to wait until you get him home and see what he tells you his name is :)

froglander said...
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Snipe said...
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Snipe said...
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Snipe said...

I'd vote for Duncan for your new horse. He has such a noble face.

Linda said...

I must be weird because I like Banjo. I don't know, it just seems fun to me.