Friday, September 14, 2012

The other day was Blue's first birthday.  He was such a cute little bean. 

No blue eyes anymore though.

I didn't take any birthday pics, I've been too preoccupied.  These puppy pics will have to do.

 I think Huckleberry likes him better now that he's big enough to play rough.

And every folder I look in has pictures of my horse.
This one has a dreamlike blur.  And he's coming to see me just because.

Yesterday was the toughest day without him.  I thought it would be better because I wasn't sitting at home with nothing to do but think.  But I had to tell people about what happened, and re-live it all.  There was more of that today, but it wasn't as hard.

I got some info on his necropsy but it didn't really tell me anything much.  The bleeding was coming from his spleen.  The other side of his body had a lot of bruising and trauma and some blood.  They didn't visually see a tumor but they haven't looked at anything microscopically yet.  Totally unrelated, there was something about his rib cartilage that I didn't understand.  Something about it being S shaped instead of C shaped.  Just an oddity, something the person who did the necropsy found interesting.  I can't picture it, have no idea what she was talking about.  Would love to see a picture if any of you know about equine anatomy and understand what she means.

The vet that I work with, who isn't an equine vet, said that once animals get to the point Tonka was at, that's pretty much the end.  Which isn't what the vets at WSU were telling me, but it was good to hear from another source, someone perhaps more realistic.

In other happy news, we have a new resident.  He's my sister's kids' old gelding, Dyno.  He's somewhere in his 30's.  This his his "FOOD!" face.  
He loves food.  I love feeding old horses.  I don't have to pay for his feed, which is very expensive, I just get to feed him and Liam can ride him if he wants.  And Amy doesn't have to worry about separating him from her geldings for feeding time.  Win-win-win all around.


Paint Girl said...

Blue is adorable! Reminds me so much of my Aussie's when they were pups.
Dyno is such a cute guy and that is great that you get to feed him!
I don't know much about equine anatomy but sounds interesting on what they found about Tonka's rib cartilige.

Anonymous said...

I expect they'll be good days and bad days for a while yet. They do take a piece of our hearts when they go.

Love the picture of the old guy - very sweet face.