Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I wanted to go riding today, and when that didn't work out I wanted to do some training today, and when that didn't work out I was glad I'd taken some quiet time with the equines at lunch time.

Pedro seemed kind of cranky.  I had interrupted his nap time.  He got up and hassled Bob while I was picking his hooves, and I told him no and he went to take a nap somewhere else.

Bob had to butt in on the photo session.  He is pretty darn cute with those fuzzy ears.

I went out to visit Bella and Scout and decided to check the fence.  They followed me out and ate some dead thistles.  When I was done I sat down. They thought that was great.

 Bella stood guard over me like I was a baby.

I love this picture.  This must be what a foal sees when he looks up at his momma protecting him during a nap.  Peaceful, happy relaxation.

I played with the camera on my phone and soaked up the sunshine.

Bella is so special.  Words can't describe her.

She snuffled my hair a lot.

I didn't feel the least bit nervous sitting in front of her.

Then Scout, the big dork, came and stood over me, and his intentions were anything but protective or relaxing.  He was an agent of chaos looking for a place to happen.  I got up, petted them both, and went in.
 See ya later!


Keechy said...

Aww bless her. Reminds me of Mary Ann Kennedy's song about Mares. They really are special.

Linda said...

Andrea, what an amazing, wonderful perspective you just gave us--what a foal sees looking up at his mama. Thank you so much for that.

Cindy Durham said...

I wonder, was it like you were a baby or a herd member? I have noticed that often when one of my horses lays down the other will go stand quite close, as if to stand guard. Perhaps it is both, a maternal and herd instinct to stand guard. Wonderful pictures and I agree with Linda, what a great rarely seen perspective!

I have to admit, I am a little jealous and envious of your time to even just go sit with them. I want that soooo much, but all I seem to be able to work out is time to throw food, fill water, and leave. I do not like it!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Bella was a good mom, but she's an even better herd matriarch. She stands guard over adult horses when they sleep too.

Did you know that some horses won't sleep enough (REM sleep - they have to do it lying down) if they don't have a strong mare (or other protective herd mate) in their lives? They get so tired they start falling asleep and falling down, which looks like narcolepsy but isn't.

Cindy, I can't imagine trying to work full time and have horses, especially with kids to take care of. It's even harder to find time in the winter, with the days being so short. I keep hoping I won't have to work more. I don't want to give up my horse time!

Paint Girl said...

Bella looks like such a sweet girl. Loved this!! And you captured the moment so perfectly!