Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Liam made me guzzle my coffee and go out early to visit with the boys this morning.  He really likes them.
He's really enthralled by their ears, can you tell?

Bob has a forelock and fuzzy ears, and almost a blaze of grey hair.

He also has less silver on his legs

See how Pedro (below) has more silver around his elbows?  He is also darker colored, but I think it might be nutritional

I moved them to the dry lot, and they had a blast exploring.

Here Pedro has a good roll:

And now it's Bob's turn:

Love the ears

Bob didn't really like the loose mineral salt

I love this next one...  "Hey baby..."

Still a bit long in the lip, but the neighbor cows have got his attention:
They're both really good boys.  I worked on their feet a bit today.  They have pretty bad thrush, and both are in serious need of a trim.  Bob's feet are at least still upright, but Pedro's don't look great.  I think they'll be fine, but they should have been trimmed correctly a long time ago.  It's kind of painful for him to stand with one foot in the air for long, so I have to keep that in mind.  It'll be nice to watch the transformation over time.

I didn't ask them to do much today other than that.  We just visited a lot.  I didn't visit with the horses at all today, I was so taken with my new boys.  I'll have to try to get Bella out tomorrow and see how she's doing in her shoes.


Paint Girl said...

I love the ears!! You got some fantastic pictures of them!! I would love to get one someday when I have more property!! I think you are gonna have so much fun with these two!!

Nalev said...

I love the ears too ; ) They are so sweet ; ))


Anonymous said...

Very cool - glad they're so nice and cooperative!

Cindy Durham said...

Oh what great pictures!

Linda said...

They are so cute, Andrea!! I could easily get into raising donkeys. How's the move up here coming? Or is it?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I probably should have done a post about the move. Whoops!

We took the house off the market. John's work area now includes Clarkston, and doesn't include Wenatchee or the other central WA stores, so it kinda made sense. Plus, once the kids started school I really didn't want to move them. AND I have a couple part time jobs here that I love. So, we're still here for now. Although John never got more than a wishy-washy answer from his boss about whether it would be a problem if we didn't move... So things could change, I suppose.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Cute photos, especially the mineral salt pics. lol!