Thursday, November 22, 2012

 As I was loading pictures for today's blog I found 
these cuddly pictures of my good dogs.

This morning I slept in and the donkeys were honking their most terrible honks, wanting breakfast.  But then after I walked out the door I wondered if the donkeys had been trying to tattle on the horses.

Because these two errant beasties were in the driveway.
 They were enjoying the green grass, but also quite keyed up and excited.  I slipped through the fence to close Dyno into the small area by the driveway (you can see part of him on the left above) and then I went to the gate at the other side of the barn.

The horses had beat me there and were thinking about heading up the driveway, but they were also really interested in what I was doing.  All I had to do was open the gate and they rushed through, happy to have a "new" place to explore.  Even though it's their usual winter and spring pasture.  The goofballs.  I was careful to stay on the opposite side of the gate, they were that excited.  I didn't want to get run over.
Look at all of Bella's pretty hair.  She was really moving!

Then I finally got to my hungry donkeys to feed them.  I decided to walk through the pasture with them rather than go out the driveway to the hay.  That way I could get in some good hugs and pets on the way there.  That's Pedro in the lead behind me, and if  you look really closely you can see Bob's ear - he's back there behind Pedro.
After I fed I found 3 places where the temporary fence that contained the horses was laying on the ground.  We had a lot of big wind last night.  I wonder if it blew part of the fence down (one of the posts was on the ground too).  I could imagine that Scout might walk out over the fence, and then Bella might panic at being left alone and get out also.  She has been known to jump fences when left alone.

So now they're in the permanent fence, and I might just take down the temporary fence for the year.

Did you notice the sun is shining in my pictures?  It's the one day of good weather we're going to get this week.  I'm loving it!

The turkey is in the oven, and I feel like taking a nap...

Hope you are all having a lovely, relaxing turkey day.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and glad all beasts are safe!