Monday, November 05, 2012

Today I just did whatever the heck I wanted.  And I didn't feel guilty about it.  Well, at least I tried not to.

Actually I did get a little bit of practical work done.  The horses weren't fenced in, thanks to some clumsy deer.  I think the horses knew the fence was down but they just had no reason to go wandering.  I got it fixed, after two trips back to the barn for more materials.  One of these days I'll learn to take enough stuff with me in the first place.  Or the second place.

On my first trip out, Blue helped me.

On the second trip out, I made Huckleberry come along too.

(That's Blue on the left and Huck on the right.)

I couldn't decide which of these 3 pictures I liked best.  I think if it was centered better this next one would be my favorite.

I was about ten feet short on fencing.  Hence the third trip.

This time I took Scout.

He was a little squirrely and a lot distracted.  We rode a lot of big squares, working on going in straight lines, not drifting, and not turning until I asked.  Eventually he was happy to ride off over the hill with me and find the hole in the fence.

He needed to stop a few times and get his head together - we were leaving his herd and he wasn't sure how he felt about it.  Here he was very sweetly checking with me to see how I felt.  Of course I wasn't feeling apprehensive about leaving the herd. 

Fixin' fence.  :)

After I untacked him I got a wild hair and decided to try him out with the donkeys.

 Don't they look thrilled?

Cute belly:

This crackhead is the same horse who's hard to get any life out of under saddle...

 Look at him being so fancy.  :)

It went really well.  Scout moved the boys around a tiny bit, but if he got too pushy they just stood still and told him to piss off.  Mostly Scout ran around being all kinds of excited for no reason.  He got way more exercise after our ride than during.

Then I got another wild hair.

Pedro is so handsome in reddish brown tack.  It brings out his eyes.

See me sitting on my ass out in the pasture?

Actually that was kinda a stupid idea...  See, Scout and Bella were in the round pen, and I didn't want to get them out, and I figured Pedro would move forward more if we were out in the big wide open.  And he did.  But he didn't have any steering.  Actually he had anti-steering.  I'd forgotten how he just pulls against me if I try to give any input.  Eventually I had to bail off before he took me into the mustang pen, which is a bit short in places for a rider not to hit their head.  So then we went and got his bridle and practiced giving to the bit, without a rider on.  Next time we'll ride in the round pen.  Silly me, I thought my sweet lovable boy could do no wrong. 

As you may have noticed, I also spent a considerable amount of time today playing with my photo editing software.  Sometimes I enjoy that, sometimes I really just can't be bothered.  I had fun with it today.

So now I'd better quit being a slacker and actually get some work done.  I have a kitchen full of dishes calling my name.


Paint Girl said...

I love all the pictures of Blue and Huck, but the 2nd one sticks out more!! They are beautiful!
Scout is so stocky, what HMA is he from? I am sure you have mentioned it before but this old brain doesn't always remember! lol!
And I love days when I can do whatever the heck I want!! Doesn't happen very often anymore, and when I try to throw one of those days in... it just doesn't work out! Gotta try to fix that!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He's from Black Mountain HMA in southern Idaho, near Boise. I got to visit their HMA last summer and see some horses in the wild. It was a pretty awe-inspiring trip.

Cindy said...

I love the pics where the donkeys are looking at Scout as he runs around and acts tough.
Its like they are saying to each other..."do ya see that fool horse?"

Margaret said...

I like the top one the best due mostly to the way they are holding their heads. I would have liked to see a bit more hay at the bottom, though. Animals are HARD to pose, let alone capture naturally, so I think you did a very nice job. Scout obviously likes to move ... :)