Monday, January 07, 2013

Last night just before it was fully dark I decided to put Scout in with Dan.  He was so agitated, it was cold, there were a lot of sudden changes in his life... I started to worry he might colic.

After some initial noise (Dan squeals like a girl!) they settled down to annoying gelding games like poking each other in the butt, nibbling hocks, and nipping lips.  I had to take Dan's blanket off because Scout was just so enthralled with it he wouldn't leave Dan alone.  After that they settled in to eat from the same pile of hay.  Wee Scout is playing the steady rock for the new guy.  Weird to see my baby in that role.

This morning when I went out to feed, Dan greeted me with a whinny.  I had an empty bucket also, and of course that was a big hit with both of them.  Maybe feed would magically appear in it if they stuck their noses in enough times.  Sadly, it did not.

Aren't they cute?

Dan is still very much on the alert - especially in the direction of the cows next door.

 Scout thinks he should quit gawking about and pay attention to him.

 For being the same height and color (although Scout is a darker dun), they don't look much alike.

Dan really reminded me of Tonka in his fear to come inside to eat.  I don't think he's been in the stall yet.  I put their hay right in the doorway.  Maybe Scout will show him that it's okay in there.  Dan doesn't mind stalls as a general rule, so I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he comes to like this one.

A little bit of moral support.

 I have a bumper sticker somewhere that says, "Appaloosa Butts Drive Me Nuts."

 But really it should say "Dun Butts Drive Me Nuts."
Love that stripe.  :)

Of course that is not why I picked Dan.  I love his build and his looks, and the color is like icing on the cake, but I think I'll also love his personality.  

He's still pretty worried so I'm not going to go straight into saddle fitting and training mode.  I think I'll just hang out with him a lot today and get some barn chores done.  Playing dress-up in the western saddle and doing serious groundwork can wait a bit.

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Cindy D. said...

Andrea, I am so happy for you. He looks like a great boy. How cool of Scout to help Big Dan feel more welcome and at home. I'm sure he will be in that stall in no time.
I like his stripe too! :)