Sunday, February 03, 2013

Today Bella and I had a nice long ride.  My young man was helping me out with her quite a bit too.  He loves her.

"Telling Tales"


"Class Clown"





"Good 'uns"

And Bella ground ties like a champ.

For our grand finale I give you our one bad moment of the day.  I hope she didn't hurt herself.  I think she's at least going to be sore.  I had John filming in slo-mo, and Liam in realtime, so I could see how she moves. She took a misstep.


arlene said...

That didn't look good but she corrected herself pretty quick to keep you on board. She seems like a lovely horse.

Paint Girl said...

Your young man and Bella look so sweet together! Great pictures!

Cindy D. said...

Oh wow. It looks to me like her leg just folded right up underneath her. I agree with Arlene though, she sure did a good job of keeping you upright. Just out of curiosity, was that the same leg she has shown lameness on?

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

You have a good point. My sister was proud of her for not throwing a fit after it happened too. I never would have expected her to do that though, myself.

The first foot that knuckled over was her left front, which isn't lame. I think it was a combination of her hooves being too long and her not being used to carrying a rider. The slick mud didn't help either.

Her stifles have had the tendons cut, so are more prone to injury, which has me concerned about that right hind that slid forward so far. I think she's resting it a lot. I've got her on Bute and I'm going to look for a good joint supplement today.

Kara said...

Ouch! The slow motion video looks much worse than the regular speed video! I can't believe how fast the whole thing happened in real time!

shadowlake2005 said...

Such great pictures! I especially love the first and fourth. Well, all of them, really.