Friday, March 15, 2013

Hubba hubba.  What a tank.

He's got his eye on me.

This one totally reminds me of a dork I used to know (by the name of Tonka, in case you're wondering).

What a good boy.
We worked on rubbing hind legs, picking up front legs and leading today, with a tiny bit of circling.  I am dying to trim his feet, so I pulled his front feet forward like I would to rasp from the top.  He thought that was weird, but he did catch on to what I wanted.  Leading he does okay, if he's following (so it's not exactly leading) but when I ask him to walk up close or next to me he gets stressed out.  We also walked in and out of the round pen gate a lot, because he decided to get stuck there the first time.  Every now and then he has a naughty little tiny fit and kinda hops and yanks on the lead rope.  Oh, and he tried nipping at me today.  He got smacked pretty smartly, he jumped away, and then I ignored him.  It wasn't 30 seconds before he was back at my shoulder sniffing and putting his lips on my shirt, much more gently and with no grabbing.

He's a good boy.


Paint Girl said...

I just love his expression! How tall is he? He looks pretty big! He sounds like he is a good boy and learning quickly!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

He's a shortie. I think probably not even 15 hands, although that's what's listed on his BLM paperwork. I haven't introduced him to the height/weight tape yet though.

Cindy D. said...

Sounds to me like he is gonna be a good one!
He is tank and oh so handsome!

Marissa Rose said...

Somehow when I switched blogger usernames, not all the blogs I followed got switched over, I thought I went back and refollowed each one, but somehow you escaped! I figured you were just blog-cationing. I was so surprised to see you got a new horse! I liked the story about his name, I would be stubborn enough to stick with a name I didn't particularly like because it seems like it is 'meant to be' which it totally is.

You won my book giveaway!! email me with some contact information and I'll get them in the mail!!

horseshoesandhearts at gmail . com

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

Marissa - I didn't see your post until yesterday, for some reason blogger thought you were a spammer. I'll send you an email right away. How exciting, I won!