Sunday, April 28, 2013

I never did post these photos of my friend's visit, I don't think.  They were here over Easter weekend.  I wish they could come visit all the time.

Bob doesn't really eat hay unless he has to, but he humored Hillary.

Even Joseph was pretty good for her:

Good old Dyno.  He's looking for a home with kids to play with, if anyone knows of someone (locally).

We all "rode" Pedro.  Meaning we sat on him and he mostly ate grass.  Look how Allegra's legs almost wrap all the way around:

 She thought his back was more comfortable this way:

Hillary sat on Pedro too, but you could tell who she really wanted to be riding.

 Then we went fishing.  She caught her first fish ever!  Awesome.

The girls - my daughter and my two nieces:

Liam and my nephew, wrangling a fish:

Yesterday after Bob bit the crap out of Pedro's neck and left it bloody, I tried putting Pedro in with Joseph.  At first they kept their distance, then Pedro chased Joseph around a bunch.  I had to run to town, but I heard reports that Pedro was trying to get a hold of Joseph's neck, and Joseph was staying just out of reach and kicking up at him.  Good exercise for them both, I figure, as long as nobody gets hurt.  I'm trying them together again today.  I'm hoping to get some video of them running around.  :)

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Cindy D. said...

That boy Dyno, looks like he has some seriously buff shoulders. I love that in a horse!

Looks like you all had a great time.