Friday, July 05, 2013

Getting hay

I won't pretend to be modest.  I'm an excellent driver.  :)  I can back that baby up like nobody's business.  Through a gate, over a narrow culvert, straight line, another gate, and deliver the hay right to the door.  I'm awesome like that.  I did have to do a little maneuvering because I couldn't see very well with the hay sticking out the sides and blocking my mirrors.

The horses were pretty impressed too.  I won't pretend my skill put the nose of the truck exactly in the right spot to be able to close the gate.  That was pure coincidence - and pretty handy too.  Scout was really thinking of trying to squeeze through and his fat gut wouldn't have fit.

John goofing around before closing the "lid."

Unloading hay into these grain bins isn't fun, but it's better than nothing.  Hey, check out Bella's dirty butt print on the side of the grain bin.  She likes to scratch her itches there.

Peekaboo John

Nosy beasties made our exit a little interesting.  Scout was on the other side trying to get run over by the trailer.
We're not even a third of the way done with hay hauling. :(  I want a flatbed.  And can I please just not be allergic to hay for a couple days?  Oh well, at least it's not so bad I can't handle hay at all.

Crazy day at work today.  Surgery, emergency colic, naughty horse bandage change, lotsa dog vaccines, sick bummer lamb.  Almost had a horse with porcupine quills after hours, but they found another vet that could get to them sooner.  Good thing too or I wouldn't have gotten this load of hay.  Although after I left they had another emergency - dog jumped out of a moving pickup.  Happily, all of our patients are doing well tonight. 

Back to the grind tomorrow, and then it's more hay hauling.  Glad the kids can help!  They're finally big enough to be kinda useful.  :)

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