Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Riding the Fenceline

Scout and I had a good little ride this evening.  I took him out to check fence. They'll be going out on the big pasture soon and inevitably deer have run through and broken the fence. This year only one spot was broken and it was easily fixed, but I need to go out with some wire cutters and remove part of the old fence before it's safe to turn them out.

Scout was very watchful and afraid when the late evening sun was shining in his eyes. He did better once we got down lower on the hill to where the sun was already down.

This time of year the grass is high and it's hard for a horse to resist snatching grass. I backed him a long ways every time he did take a bite, but I'm not sure he got the point.  He's a bit slow on the uptake. But he did get some good exercise and improved his back-up.

Posting from my phone and having difficulty with pictures so here they all are in a bunch. I like the last one best. It's very quiet.

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