Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Lovely Hike

Doesn't Joseph look like he's about to deliver a very serious public service announcement?


He looks good in a hat.

Here he looks like he doesn't feel well.  I've caught him looking like this a few times lately.  I'll keep a close eye on him.  There may be pigeon fever in our area again.  Or maybe it's hoof pain, or a belly ache, or who knows what...  I probably just worry too much.

On the way home he trailered like a big boy!  No need to haul him loose anymore.


Marissa Rose said...

Boo pigeon fever.....

Pony's abscess is still gross but at least its the only one...I had my barn owner check it out and to my surprise she wasn't upset that it could be pigeon fever....she said even if it is she would do exactly what I am doing, and start her on an immune support and vitamin c!

American Girl said...

Hope it's nothing serious.

American Girl said...

Hope it's nothing serious.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Maybe he is just "processing" the days hike. Great way to get trail miles on a green horse, I wish more people would realize how great it can be to just go for a walk with a horse.