Monday, September 02, 2013

Cool day for a hike

 John and I went for a little hike today with Blue and Joseph.  It was wonderfully cool, overcast, and just a nice day to be out and about.

Of course Blue took every opportunity to get wet.  The water in this creek is always very dark, I think from tannins from the trees.  It isn't dirty water, just dark colored.

What horseman could see this path and not think, "obstacle course?"

Joseph is a shorty.  We might have to learn to jump.

Found a piece of some sort of pot in the creek bed.  Joseph thought maybe it was food.

Joseph sees some kindred spirits, or so he thinks.  But they're just cows.

Didn't even give a second thought to the creek crossing.  Not that there was much water there.  Apparently the grass was tasty.

He kept whinnying at the cows, even though they were mooing and they didn't look at all like horses.

 Fearless leaders:

All of my horses love this meadow.  So do I.

This used to be a dry creek crossing as recently as about a month ago.  Now they've built a brand new road base and blocked this path with a log. To me it looked like another obstacle to try.

It was more difficult for me than it was for him.

(Melissa, you wouldn't believe how much the trail has changed since we rode there.  This is where we ate lunch by the pond.  The road is huge and looks to go on for a long ways.  It was weird.)

I just like this picture of Blue because his face is in focus but nothing else is.

We both heard a Sasquatch in the woods.  Or maybe it was a turkey.  Or a cow.  But it was probably a Sasquatch.

The End.

Wait, not really.  When I got home I opened gates to new pastures that Joseph and the donkeys haven't been in before.  They had fun.  Scout had the most fun of all, running this way, then that way, then back this way, then he stopped to get a drink and ran off again.  It was fun to just sit and watch them explore.  What a sense of adventure they have!  Once everyone settled down they all started working on pruning the thistles around the pond.

Then I took a nap.  Then I finished making sourdough English muffins from scratch.  Had never done that before.  I was worried after all the work they wouldn't turn out well, but they're good!  Now I want another nap, but that's not part of the agenda, darn it.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Joseph is such a kind, sweet, horse - I love seeing his marvelous profile and how he looks with his calm, sensible gaze.