Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just Stuff

I was going to go riding today.  It's raining pretty steadily though so unless that changes real soon the ride will be a no-go.  I guess that's okay, I do have work to do around home.  A day in the woods would have been more fun though.

Yesterday I ground drove Joseph with the saddle on for the first time.  I put the light-weight saddle on him, and I really need to quit doing that.  It doesn't fit, and if there comes a time when it seems natural to mount up with the saddle, I won't be able to if I put that one on him.

I got rid of the driving lines and the saddle and we worked on coming up to the mounting block.  I'm going to have to fix the problem I started where he pushes into me and just about knocks me off the block.  He's trying SO hard to do the right thing that he's not listening well and we maybe just need to start over.  No worries there, though, it's not a big deal.

I climbed on and petted him for a long time, and we watched the neighbor plowing his field.  He offered several backward steps, and even gave me a forward step, so I got off and praised him a lot, then climbed back on.  Bob was standing right behind us outside the round pen, and I tried (halfheartedly) to talk him into turning toward Bob, but he was a little stressed about turning, and I'm not super brave about riding a tense horse bareback.  So I spent some more time scratching his itchy spots and then called it a day. 

Joseph was tense and jumpy when we started, but ended up happy and relaxed, so I'd definitely call that time well spent.  :)

A lovely sunset:

Sweet old Bob, waiting for attention (or maybe food?)

This here is a pretty big deal.  He was really enjoying an ear rubbing.
 When I got him, Bob didn't want his ears handled.  You could bridle him no problem, but he didn't want you rubbing or touching any more than necessary. I did work on it with him, and if I had to, I could handle them, but it was totally not a comfortable situation for him.  Especially his left ear, and even that side of his face was more shy.  I started to wonder if he had a pain issue, maybe a tumor somewhere out of sight.  But my biggest suspicion was that he'd been mishandled, and most likely been "eared down" to make him behave.  I can't imagine, those big sweet ears twisted.  People suck.  Since he's now sometimes enjoying ear rubs, I think it was a fear thing, not a pain thing, and I feel honored that he's comfortable enough to let me rub his ears.  :)

 Bob Tail - or - The Ass End.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

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