Wednesday, October 16, 2013


They look like they could work for a living, don't they?
That's Bella on the right, not Scout.

Guess who got hung up on this genius design of a door latch.  Normally I don't tie horses at that ring, because this has happened once before.  All ended well though.

Floppy boat bumpers?  What floppy boat bumpers?

No big deal.

Bella and my young man.  So sweet together.

Scout wanted his mama back.  As always, the horse left behind got the most exercise.

Waiting for our ride.

Getting ready to go (trail directly behind trailer).

 Hidden trail.

Studly enough to wear pink.

Not his trailer, smelled of pigs.  Not much hesitation on his part. :)
Gotta go do a couple more chores and read to my kid, or I would have written more.  It's been a good couple of beautiful days.


Keechy said...

I had an old stock horse who was terrified of pigs. No way would he have gone on that trailer. Mind you, he came from a station in the far North of Western Australia and they have some big scary wild pigs up there so he probably had good reason! When I got him I was told he was hard to catch, but one day in the paddock with the pigs next door and he was waiting at the gate ready to be caught. :)

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I've heard that pigs and bears smell similar, and so horses are supposed to be instinctually afraid of the smell. But Scout has walked right over bear poop with no concern, and now Joseph was brave about stepping right into the pig poop, so I either have brave horses or it's not instinctual.

I'm glad we don't have wild pigs here!