Sunday, October 20, 2013


Last couple days haven't been horse days, but they've been good days.  I love autumn.

Had family over yesterday and hiked around the property looking for photo-ops for my sister's new camera.

This is my nephew, telling me a story.

Happy grasses.

Stoopit dog.

Trying to wipe off his burrs on the door to the hobbit hole.

Toes!  Eyes!  Craziness!

Happy picture-taking sister.

 Zombie niece at Haunted Palouse

 I don't really have words for my beautiful nieces. 

Our beautiful visitor yesterday.

 Such a baby-like face

 Sleepy, and judging by the blood on its beak, satiated.
Still here in the dawn fire.

She was sitting right in my front yard twice when I opened the front door.  I think this critter may have been the one that killed my chickens.  I hope she doesn't get my cats.  I don't blame her for being who she is.  It was my job to keep my hens safe, and I didn't (unbeknownst to me I had holes in my defenses).  I think the cats are smart enough and skittish enough to avoid her clutches.  Heck, Finnigan might just try to have her for dinner, if she gets too close.

Photo credit goes to my sister on the closer owl photos and the good niece photos.  She's got a nice camera now.  I'm just a wee bit jealous.

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