Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Yesterday I bought 3 sets of logging harness, collars and hames and all.  They're not in pristine condition, of course, or I wouldn't have been able to afford them, but they're harnesses!  The horses are going to start earning their keep.  As soon as I find a harrow.  Then there'll be no holding me back.  How about a manure spreader?  Mower?  Hmmm.  The possibilities are endless.

Realistically speaking though, we probably won't do most of those things.  But we can if we want to.  Now I just have to get them home and figure out how to put them on a horse.  I smell a hint of future blogs in the air!


The Dancing Donkey said...

Great find! I love using my horses to work.

Cindy D. said...

Hmmmm....logging with the ponies. A grand idea!

Erin said...

Jealous!!! I want to teach Rae to pull a cart