Sunday, November 03, 2013


I missed out on a couple of days with my horse because of emergency calls at work.  I can't really complain about working late when it's life or death for someone's pet.  I feel like those moments are the ones that make it all worth it.  Even if it doesn't end well you know you did your best to help soften the blow.

Now that the time has changed and shortened the day I'll have no time for Joseph on the days that I work, even if I get off on time.  I have a hard time with winter.  I need to learn not to push back against things I can't change, like the seasons.  :)

Yesterday the wind was horrible, today the wind was painful, then it died off and it started snowing.

Winston thinks it's fun.

Joseph wants back in his stall where the hay is.

So I really have nothing interesting to talk about.  I'm just being a slug in my jammies.

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Snipe said...

Slug days are fun sometimes :)