Sunday, January 05, 2014


I had the funniest experience yesterday.  I was going out to unsaddle Joseph, who had been wearing the saddle in the pasture, and I forgot a halter.  I didn't want to carry the saddle all the way back from BFE, so I decided to see if I could call them in.  They considered me, then went back to grazing.  I yelled "Treat!" and Bella's head shot up.  Her white blaze was easy to see against the backdrop of dark green pine trees.  Joseph was still considering.  I yelled, "Treat!" a couple more times, and each time Bella would lift her head and look at me.  Finally it was Joseph who took the first steps, and then the whole herd came in.  Of course they got treats for being so good.

Earlier in the day I had saddled Joseph and turned him loose to eat, roam, play, or whatever.  At first he stood like a statue right where I left him, but when I went to scoop out their supplement into their buckets, he came to the fence to wait eagerly for his.  No bucking (also no back cinch though).  There is some ice in places, so I'm glad he kept his cool.

Then I decided to head to the barn, halfway across the property, to get more treats.  Joseph followed!  I almost lost him when it looked like nobody else was going to come, but then Bella fell in line, and of course everyone follows Bella.  I was also headed in the direction of the trough, and they were thirsty, so that was probably most of the motivation, but it felt good being their leader.  :)

This morning I had a lovely breakfast with Joseph.  I had curried everyone and fed supplements, and I decided to sit in Joseph's hay.  He nuzzled and sniffed, messed with my hat, and ate the hay under my butt even though there was plenty I wasn't sitting on.  At first he wasn't too keen on me petting him, so I conscientiously kept my hands to myself, but eventually I could encircle his head with my arms, rub his ears, and give him a good scratching on his neck and chest.  What a sweetheart.

Bob also insisted on a good ear-scritching, which is still such an honor because he used to be afraid to have his ears handled.  Pedro gave me jealous dirty looks from a distance.  Bella ate hay (it's all about food with her).  Scout napped.  I think maybe he's not feeling well.  He's been irritable lately, which isn't really like him, and it definitely isn't like him to stand around and sleep while everyone else is eating.  Weird.  I'll keep an eye on him.

I think I'll go saddle my horse again.  :)


Kara said...

Have you taken Scout's temperature? Maybe offer him a really wet slurry of warm food?

Keechy said...

How gorgeous does Joseph look in that bottom pic? Totally gorgeous! :) Hope Scout's offness is just something mild that he soon shakes off.