Sunday, February 23, 2014

Joseph is still here, just hanging out and getting his 2 square meals a day.  I started him on the high fat diet in hopes it will make him feel better. It may be wishful thinking on my part, but he looks like he's walking around more comfortably.

Last weekend a couple came and looked at him, and I painted them a very realistic and rather pessimistic picture of how he might be expected to perform as a riding horse.  They totally fell in love with him and he was very relaxed with them as well.  Strange, because normally people he doesn't know make him uncomfortable.  They really seem to know their stuff and I like the way they work together.  They're in the process of getting all the adoption paperwork in order, and then he will move on to his new life.  Looking back at how well we were doing in the summer made me realize he may well make a riding horse one day.  Especially for someone he took such a quick liking to.  So I am hopeful.  I will be very happy to see him succeed.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I hope it works out for all of you. I've had to make decisions like this myself a time or two and I know how hard it is. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for you and your horse is to let him move on. I hope it works that way for you and Joseph.

Keechy said...

Good luck Joseph. I hope your new owners give us some updates. Yep I've had to move a mis-matched horse or two along too. If you pick the right home they can be better-suited than they were with you, and in my case that has happened. Generally once they settle in they don't mind who has them, as long as there is horse company and the person is sensible and kind. I know there are exceptions but Joseph is a pretty sane guy. He'll do ok if they can get his physical issues sorted.

Cindy D. said...

I was just having a talk with a gal who has a horse I would like to buy but probably won't. She feels guilty about selling her but also doesn't feel like she clicks with this horse or that she ever will.

I told her that I think sometimes horses need help getting to that right person and sometimes we are God's stewards in helping that horse get to where it is supposed to be.

I think that the paint mare Revlon had to come through me, so that she could get to Nicole, who loves her and uses her for all kinds of things. Things I could not get her to do.

I believe that Trax had to go to my friend Steve so that I could find him. Lord knows I have done more with that horse than any one else would have ever bothered with. Or at least anyone else ever had bothered with.

So it seems to be the case with Joseph. He needed to come to you until God could those people to him. They will be his people and your horse (or mule) will come to you.

I know that my point of view may just be how I justify what horses go through ,and sometimes horses never do get to that person. But isn't it nice to believe that sometimes they do and once in a while we get to be part of that journey?