Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Bad news, good news

Scout is injured, painful, and colicky. He hurt his tail real bad, got it caught and pulled so bad he ripped out and broke off the whole thing (hair, not flesh). Which makes him not want to poop. And he's not drinking enough. We all know where that leads. I'm so busy at work, and the vets there are so busy, that I'm not sure he's getting the proper care. So I think I'll run blood work and see how dehydrated he is, and maybe send him to another vet to be put on IV fluids.

He did have a full exam after hours with oil administered and rectal palpation. Yesterday was frustrating though, with the lack of care. Maybe I'm just not playing the wait-and-see game patiently enough.

His tail isn't working, but I hope that will pass as the pain and inflammation subside.  It is still alive.

Good news is his retina healed from his accident as a foal. So it's just the corpora nigra cyst in that eye that's blocking his vision.

Wish me luck getting him well. I think he's going to be ok but boy is he hurting.


Kara said...

Poor Scout! Do you know how he got his tail caught? Is the bone dislocated? Did they do x-rays? If not broken bones, he probably will get control of it back after the pain and inflammation are gone.

Cindy D. said...

Oh poor Scout. I hope he gets better soon. I can just imagine how frustrated you are right now.

Anonymous said...

Poor fellow, that must hurt like the dickens. Hope he's on some good paid meds (that don't interfere with digestion - always a difficult balancing act). Sending best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Pie also has a very large corpora nigra cyst in his left eye that I believe causes him to be extra spooky, especially in bright light.

Keechy said...

Poor boy! Feel better soon, Scout!