Sunday, September 28, 2014

I had so much fun with the critters today!  First thing this morning we went and looked at a colt.  He is gorgeous but only 4 months old and I don't need a mare as well.  Still pondering on that one.

There are also a bunch of young muztangs at the Boise BLM that are already gelded, so I'm going to contact them tomorrow.  Burns, Oregon is just a little farther away, and I'm pretty sure they have a better selection, so I'm thinking about that too.

And still wondering if I really need a new horse right now...  I would have loved to have that red one I posted pictures of, but the guy that was selling him was exhausting me.  I could afford what they're asking, but I just don't think I want to deal with them anymore, and I don't think that horse is worth what they're asking.

After making crabapple jelly I hitched up the trailer and practiced loading with Dakota.  She's got some fear issues.  She will put her front end in without much trouble, but once her hind end is in she starts stomping, swishing her tail, and kicking.  Then she has to back out.  Today there wasn't near as much of that, and several times she walked straight up into the front stall and stood there eating treats, without mentally checking out or flapping her lips or even seeming very stressed at all.  I was so proud of her!

I trimmed sweet old Bob's hooves without even haltering him.  He was an angel, which he hasn't always been in the past.  I think he liked the freedom of being unfettered, but didn't take advantage of it.  He was offended that I only brought him two little apples.  He figures he should get one after every hoof, and then some.

Pedro was just a little more challenging.  His front hooves require more thought and time, and he needs more breaks.  So we both got tired of it before we were done, and I didn't get his hinds done.  I'll get them tomorrow, and get Scout trimmed up as well.  It's easier now that the weather is cooler.  I wish it would rain and soften up their hooves a tad though.

I am so much happier at my new job, and enjoying life outside work more as well.  Things are looking so much better now that I'm out from under the yoke.

And have I mentioned how much I love my Pedro?


Keechy said...

Awww, what a sweet pic of your Pedro. :)

Snipe said...

Pedro is adorable. So is Bob. They are precious.

Snipe said...
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