Monday, September 08, 2014

Just Stuff

Dakota got her front shoes put on this weekend. It turns out the farrier can't handle her hind feet at all, and she's very naughty about her fronts. Had I understood that before I could have been working on it. All these little quirks that keep coming to light make me very hesitant to ride her. Soon, though, I will throw a leg over. I haven't seen any red flags while doing our groundwork, except that she's overly concerned about where the other horses are.

Scout... Well, he's hanging in there. As it gets cold I start to wonder how long I'll be able to keep soaking his hay. I guess as long as the hoses don't freeze.  His tail is still paralyzed. I had not been thinking of it that way, but that's what it is, I guess. He busted out of his temporary fence yesterday, so that he was in with the donkeys, and they were getting g along pretty well, so I decided to end his confinement. I am hoping all the dry pasture doesn't plug him up. He still has to expend a lot of effort to poop. I still can't leave them all together though because of all the different feed and medication needs.

These two are so cute.

Watching Bob lately, I have decided it's not time for him to be euthanized just yet. He's getting up pretty well. I will probably start giving him Bute again now that it's getting cold, and just making sure he has plenty to eat so he doesn't get weak. Feeding a senior donkey is interesting. Commercial feed mixes are too rich, and Bob is very picky. I'll get some bluegrass pellets again and add some alfalfa and beet pulp for extra energy.

Time to get my kiddo up for his first day of 7th grade. He's so excited! I love that he likes school so much.

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