Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pasture Time

I spent some time lounging around in the pasture with Luc and the donkeys yesterday, and I got a few good pictures.

This next set of pictures - you should have been there, it was funny. He found a bit of plastic blown in from the neighbor's, and he picked it up and scared himself. He did a little jig, striking and spinning, trying to get away from it, but didn't let go. He figured it out pretty quickly and dropped it. Then he kept a close eye on it. I kicked it closer and he was very skeptical. He had to check it out from a couple different angles, but he never did feel the need to touch it again. Goofball.

We also went for a short trail ride in the evening but I didn't get any good pictures. 

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Snipe said...

It looks so relaxing to lounge in the pasture with the equines. It looks like they enjoy having you with them, too.