Friday, July 10, 2015

More and more good times

The equines had some visitors over the weekend of the 4th.
Luc is still not too sure about strangers.

But he thinks maybe they're okay after all.

A tender goodbye:

My sister and I had a good ride on her birthday.

A lot of the forest land around here is closed right now due to fire danger, but state and federal lands are still open.

I got off and walked the last half mile or so. Scout was hot and tired and he deserved a break. Funny how good it feels to get in the saddle at the beginning and how good it feels to get off a couple hours later. I get a little stiff and sore.

Luc had another good stranger experience. He loves all people from across the fence, but he gets worried when they start touching him. I need more visitors.

A donkey faceoff:

A donkey belly :)

Donkeys make everyone happy.

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