Monday, November 23, 2015

Pedro in Pain

We had a huge windstorm last week with no major damage on our property, but the next day Pedro was lame. Really lame. Swollen left front leg, holding it out in front of him. Considering he's a donkey, I thought it was most likely to be an abscess, but those don't usually swell up into the leg and the hoof wasn't hot, so he could have injured himself in the storm.

I let him choose how much movement he wanted and started him on some Bute. When he was unwilling to take more than two steps, even with meds onboard, I knew it was really painful.

When he didn't improve much by Friday, I decided to take him to the vet on Saturday. I got an inexperienced vet, but then there aren't many who know donkeys well. This guy was very impressed with how docile and willing my Pedro is. :)
Pedro was a little scared

Of course he was much better at the vet, because that's how it works, right? He didn't find any pain in any of his hooves, so it must be in the leg. He told me to keep on with what I was doing, and start cold hosing. Which I wasn't excited about in freezing weather. Then I remembered I have ice boots! I love these things.

My wonderful husband got all the stored junk out of the barn, which has had half-sized stalls for quite a while now. I have my barn back! Pedro and Bob are totally loving their roomy stalls. They hardly go outside at all.

Kitty prints in frost:

Duncan and I have been going for walks around the property. He often feels overwhelmed, but he's getting more relaxed. Funny worried face:

He was somewhat challenging to catch at his last home. Not here. :)

Soft, soft curls:

Winston got to go for a hike with us yesterday. He doesn't love long hikes, but this one was just right:

I have big plans today. Sweep the floors, play with my horse, clean stalls, go for a hike, work outside a bit. Rough life, eh?


Linda said...

Wow, it looks cozy at your place--even your dog has a blanket. I hope Pedro's mystery injury heals up. As you know, Beautiful had one of those, too, and she's doing just fine now. Happy Thanksgiving!

C-ingspots said...

Oh that picture of Pedro at the vet! He looks so forlorn and sad... :( Hope he gets all better really soon.

Your day sounds just about perfect to me! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving.