Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Saddles make me happy

I sold my donkey saddle about a week ago. It was hard to let go of, but I needed a saddle for Duncan, and I probably never will ride the donkeys again. (Now I'm thinking I need a cart and harness... Someday.) They are okay with just being pets.

Yesterday I found an amazing deal on a Crates saddle, so I drove all evening after work, on icy roads, and I got it.

Duncan doesn't seem to mind it at all. And I love how lightweight it is! I know lightweight means lower quality, but I'm cool with that. My back will thank me for it, especially when I throw it up there repeatedly for training.

Bella checked it out but she was muddy so I didn't try it on her. I'm guessing she's too wide for it.

I'm not ready to cinch it up yet, but he packed it around with a pad for a bit.

Scout was either just being a butt, or he didn't like it. That's ok, it's not for him.

It was too cold and windy to do much else outside today. I am eagerly looking forward to spring already.


Linda said...

I saw your saddle on Facebook and thought how nice it looked, but since you say it's light weight, now I'm super jealous!! I will be switching to a lighter saddle soon. Leah is taller than Cowboy and throwing my heavy one on her is doing my back no favors.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Duncan does such cute faces especially with his adorable star and snip. :)