Saturday, January 23, 2016

We Haven't Been Idle

 We've had to do some work inside the stalls because of the cold wind. He is jumpy in bad weather (aren't they all) so asking him to do stuff and remember we can be calm is good for him.

I let him wear his blanket around until it fell off. He thought it was interesting, but not scary.

Pedro was jealous.

 I got him some used easyboots and put pads in them to see if they'll help with his sore feet. Then the ground thawed and he didn't need them.

Duncan and I went for our first walk down the road! He was a rock star. He looked back toward home a few times, and was extra watchful going through the neighbor's farm equipment, but he never spooked or threw a fit wanting to go home. We didn't have any cars go by. Maybe next time.

He's also been spending a little time tied up. I ordered a new blocker tie ring so I could tie him without worrying if he really knows how to stand tied. It turns out he does. But he's a little nervous being groomed while he's tied. That's easy to work on.

I put a new piece of fabric on my flag and introduced it to him. He prefers if it stays still in front of him, but I also flapped it around and touched him all over with it. We will be doing more of that.

Have you ever heard of the Masterson Method? It's kind of similar to acupressure, I guess. Check it out on YouTube and maybe try it out. I did this with Duncan and he really responded well on his left side. Lots of releases with yawning and licking and chewing.

On his right side it's been more challenging. He doesn't want to let go of whatever is going on there, so he fidgets so much I can hardly keep my hand in position. I know the feeling. Sometimes my chiropractor does that to me and it's very unpleasant right before it releases. It's funny, because it's just the lightest touch, held without moving, so you wouldn't think it could do anything, let alone make you feel uncomfortable, then much better.

We went out to the Great White Pine area and went hiking the other day. It was kind of rough going in the snow, but it was just what I needed. I love being in the woods. So does Huckleberry.

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Linda said...

Is the method like TTouch at all? I do that with the horses and it also gets them yawning and licking. I'll have to look it up.

You've been very busy. I love the blocker tie rings, even if they know how to tie. You can't predict what will happen that could scare even a well broke horse. I bought them in bulk--and the stainless. My old chrome set rusted and Beautiful pulled back and broke one right in two last spring.