Monday, February 22, 2016


So I am going to have to have surgery. Waiting on insurance to approve it, then plan on getting in ASAP. This pain and weakness are really wearing on me. It'll be a laparoscopic surgery, so hopefully I'll bounce right back. I'll have to miss some work regardless, because lifting and wrestling bad dogs are big parts of my job. :( And I wonder how long before I can get in the saddle.

I finally got a bill of sale for Duncan, and today I got his lifetime brand inspection. So happy! He was a sweetheart for the brand inspector.

Yesterday I could tell he had a lot of pent up energy, so I went out and walked around with him. He followed me one full circuit of the pasture with no incentive other than companionship. :)

Then I opened up the gate to the pasture adjacent to Bella and Scout. They went to the races! It was really fun to watch. Duncan is far more graceful than the two red horses. He was doing flying lead changes for fun.

I was having trouble moving around, but that didn't keep me from hanging out and taking pictures.

He has this strip of buffalo pony hair down his midline. It's extra long. I love it.


Linda said...

Sorry you have to have surgery! I hope you get better and back in the saddle soon. Love the video of Duncan running. He looks great.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on getti the papers for Duncan! He's so fuzzy and curly. Good luck on your surgery. I had uterine surgery back in 2008 due to cancer and for the first week I didn't want to do anything. I fell asleep just sitting there, watching Tv. It was crazy. I don't know what kind of surgery you're having, but if your doctor puts you on "stall rest" for a specific amount of time, stick with that time. You don't want to overdo it. :)

T.L. Merrybard said...

That looks like a lovely rocking horse canter he has there. Hope you get to experience it soon! Something to look forward to as you get past this operation.