Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Getting Bored

I'm feeling a little better each day, and along with that comes boredom. I'm almost inspired to start up a new hobby like wood burning or something. Almost. Right now I'm all gorked out on pain meds so a nap sounds good...

I've been getting in a walk or two every day, visiting with Duncan and Pedro and letting the dogs run off some excess energy. The weather is actually kind of nice, with sunshine at least part of every day.

He is the cutest horse ever!

Huckleberry lays down and dies if he gets cockle burrs.


T.L. Merrybard said...

I'm sorry I missed your surgery post! Seem to be so busy just now and keeping up with the blogs I follow has got a bit more sporadic. Anyway, glad it's all over now. Hope you recover super quickly! Duncan really is a super cute horse!

Linda said...

Glad you're up and around, even though not yet in the saddle. At least you're able to go out and say hello, and I'm sure they appreciate that as much...or more. :) Hope your recovery is quick!