Saturday, November 19, 2016

Impatiently Waiting.

I went to see the donkeys the other day and spent some time haltering them to see which ones would lead. I love them all.

These two are wonderful. The spotted girl on the left likes to back into you for a but rub & has terrible feet. The white girl likes to be constantly physically attached to you and has OK feet but a hump in her back.

Here you can see the spotted girl's spots better.

This little girl is very sway backed and we thought she was in foal but the owner insists she just has a big bag all the time.

I had to run away to try to get a pic. They like to stay close.

This girl looks so much like Bob. John named her Marion.

I think he really enjoyed meeting them today.

I've been a little undecided about her name, but I'm pretty sure she will be Juniper. She looks different in the rain. And she likes me a lot better when I'm not holding a halter.

This tiny baby girl is so adorable and soft! And look at those whiskers!

Juniper likes John & John likes Juniper.

After reading more about incisor eruption, I think she's a yearling or maybe even older. I hope she still grows some.

I love this picture. John looks like such a happy dork. He said I need to quit taking pictures of him when his eyes are closed.
What a happy ass day. :)


Linda said...

You've found Nirvana with the asses!

Linda said...

You've found Nirvana with the asses!