Thursday, November 10, 2016

Kamiak Butte with Winston

Winston and I hiked Kamiak Butte in the middle of the Palouse area the other day.  it was a gorgeous day, and a nice quiet hike.

If you look closely in this first photo you can see where they had a small fire get out of control, started by some idiots. Fires aren't allowed up there. I think it was put out by plane.  Luckily before much damage was done.

Winston wasn't real excited about posing for pictures, but he enjoyed the hike. And he was so well behaved! He didn't pull or get in my way. He was a perfect gentleman. Which is important when my balance is bad and hiking becomes a continuous controlled fall, always catching myself with the next step. The human body is amazing the way it knows how to walk regardless of what the brain is doing. (I only fell once, at a steep slippery spot. Thank goodness there was nobody there to see it!)

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