Sunday, December 04, 2016

Donkeys are so smart

As I suspected, she didn't sign over the donkeys. Apparently she has no interest in keeping mine though, so we should be good to go eventually. She is very confused, thinking grass hay is alfalfa, claiming she had hooves trimmed that were done after they were moved. She wasn't able to tell them apart and even thought that some of the other donkeys there belonged to her. She complained that the donkeys are being overfed and are too fat. They are not:

As you can probably gather from the above picture, Juniper wasn't super happy about halter training at first.

She caught on really quickly though. She even yielded her fore and hindquarters a couple times. Unlike her spoiled herd mates who were mobbing us and almost impossible to move.

I found a fun new app called Photo Lab:

I took the halter off and rubbed her a lot, and I can't remember exactly what she did, but she let me know she wanted me to put it back on and play some more. So we did. She just loved the attention. When I took it off and walked around she stayed with me and mildly tried to boss me around a bit, telling me to stay put and rub her. I didn't let her tell me where to go but she did get lots more love.

 I got a closer look at her teeth and she is a two year old. I'm no expert on donkey growth but I doubt she'll grow much more. That's OK. I already love her. I'll train her to pack and pull a cart if we can't ride.

Also, in regards to teeth, her premolars are a mess! I know she's at the age for the caps to be shedding and her permanent teeth to be coming in, so it's normal, but I wonder if it's making eating difficult.

She loves ginger snaps. (Scout and Duncan think they're poison though).

She likes to sniff noses and considers being naughty and nibbling my nose.

She has such a lovely snoot.

I may have ownership by Wednesday. I hope so. And I hope the roads are free of snow & ice so I can go get her.


Linda said...

Your app photo would make a beautiful large print! I would be blowing that up to a canvas if I were you. Your donkey posts always get me thinking I want a donkey, too, but then I get out and clean stall and remember that I don't need more work. lol.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I know that feeling! But for me, it's worth the extra work. I don't have to clean stalls every day though. I mainly think about 4 more hooves to trim.

Some donkeys are very tidy in their stalls, by the way. :) Pedro wouldn't poop inside and Bob only made deposits in one spot. Not sure if girls are so tidy but I guess I'll find out!

I love that app! I'm going to wait for just the right picture, then get it printed on canvas for the wall.