Thursday, January 05, 2017

Frozen, Part 2

Today the temp at 5am is -6 and the house is a little chilly, but no frozen pipes! The heater in the pumphouse is doing its job well. (Auto-correct wanted to call the pumphouse a penthouse. I'd like to live in a penthouse for the rest of the winter, please.)

However, I do have to walk maybe a half mile to get to my truck today. You know how a diesel pickup doesn't like to start in the cold? It's a long story, but my driveway is blocked by my mom's motorhome, I can't bring my truck home to plug it in, and my wonderful neighbors set up a little spot for me to park and plug in so I can still go to work. It's going to be a chilly walk. But I sure do like my neighbors!

Cross your fingers for me that my mom and AAA can get her motorhome back on the driveway and out of my fence. What a stressful deal for her.


Linda said...

It's too cold to walk that far! It's too cold to be outside at all, actually. My husband went out to feed the horses--he had to put out a new round bale-- and he left the gate open and they all escaped. I woke up to him trying to get them all back in the corral. It was quite a sight. He was freezing. I threw on my boots and a coat and ran out in my pajamas to help, but by the time I got there, they were running back through the gate. That was quite a painful wake up!

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

That sounds awful! You'd think they'd stay in because there's food there. It's too cold for shenanigans!