Monday, February 27, 2017

A Little Bit of Work

The last couple of days Juniper and I have been going for short walks, looking at the trailer, working on staying where she is supposed to be as we walk, and stopping when I stop. It wasn't much work, she's already quite good at walking.

Except walking on my left side. She would try to cross back to my rights so I would calmly go to her right hip and ask her to do some tight circles, then walk off again with her on my left. It only took a couple times and a short reminder the next day.

We walked over some poles and through the ditch.

I've been thinking her bones feel much better covered but then I saw how she looks in this picture. Still gangly. But of course she is also still growing.

We worked on trailer loading some more, and this time I wanted her to put one foot in. She was so mad! I positioned her at the back of the trailer with me inside, and I wouldn't let her leave. Took a wrap with her rope around a good strong steel bar. We were there for a long time and there were a lot of little fits and a few bigger fits, but no loose poops, so I don't think she was scared. Eventually she jumped in, all four feet. I made a big happy fuss over her for a bit, then took her back to her stall and gave her all her supplements. Next time I'll be better prepared and have her food in the trailer. Anyway, when we got back to the stall she gave me the cold shoulder, edging away when I tried to love on her. I hope that doesn't last long.

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