Saturday, April 22, 2017

Good Scout

I can't say much - bad headache. But I saddled scout with the thin new saddle blanket and it solved the saddle rolling problem I had last time. He's pretty handsome.

I didn't ride long because he's got a great big splint bone lump on his right front. Darn it.

Today I went to the WSU Vet School Spring Conference and it was fun and informative but I have a pretty nasty migraine now. :(  I got to be one of the first group of vet techs ever to train on the surgical simulator there. I didn't think you could learn much without a real animal to observe, but with all the extra monitors they have you barely need to see the animal and I actually learned a lot. I also got to sit in on some equine stuff.  Wish they had more to offer & I could have chosen equine over small animal, but I was there as a small animal tech and my boss was footing the bill, so I stuck with small animal for the most part.

Oh yeah, yesterday was the one year anniversary of our accident. Meh.


Linda said...

Scout is a handsome boy. Glad you solved the saddle problem! Not a good anniversary. I think about you every time I'm sitting at a light to turn left and the cars are whizzing by. It happens more often than it should around here.

T.L. Merrybard said...

A bugger about the migraine. I hope that guy who caused the accident has had a big come back from karma because he deserves it so badly! That saddle blanket is such a great colour for Scout!