Monday, April 03, 2017

Just Stuff

Juniper lost a bunch of hair around her pasterns and the other horses got a bit pink above their heel bulbs, so I treated them all like they have scratches and moved Juniper and Duncan to higher ground. They had some seriously gross mud to go through to get to their barn and water, so now they're on the hill where it's mostly dry.

There was some fancy prancing and a bit of snarkiness over the fence at first.

And now my photos are out of order. Last night everyone got groomed and we all practiced our manners for the farrier, who is coming next weekend (thank goodness).

In the morning I took the worst picture ever of Duncan:
Juniper had just kicked him and he was yawning in a pain response. In all fairness, he started it by biting her and trying to move her. She's the boss of their little herd and she nailed him pretty good. They usually get along really well, but he overstepped his bounds. She didn't feel any remorse at all.

We tried to hike to a grove of huge cedar trees yesterday. It started out pretty nice, just muddy.

The blizzard conditions later caused one of us to want to turn back. And secretly, I didn't mind too much. We'll go when it's nicer.

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Linda said...

Don't show any more snow pictures! It's spring! You have a spunky donkey there. Lol. Poor Duncan.