Saturday, May 20, 2017

Old and New

My niece is getting married today! I'm waiting out a headache with plenty of drugs on board and thinking about boots.

I ordered the same boots I've been wearing these last 10 years because they started making them again hooray! The new ones fit even better. I had to lay them next to each other and take a picture, thinking the new boots would put the old boots to shame.

But I was wrong.

The new boots have no soul yet.

I've walked and ridden so many miles and memories in these boots. The time narcoleptic Danni broke down the camp fence and all the horses took off into the darkness and I almost couldn't get those new, stiff, cold damn boots on to go chasing after them.  The first time Tonka dumped me and my boot almost hung up in the stirrup before it popped off and I cried on the way home from the trainer's, wondering what I'd gotten myself into with that horse. Blue ribbons at Mustang Days. Many, many miles in the mountains. Mostly with my Tonka.

These new boots will slip on and off easier, so I won't get hung up in the stirrup. I'll break them in and there will be more memories made. I wonder what they'll be?

First up, Ariel's wedding!

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