Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Space Aliens Ma! Run! Snort!

Just after I mounted up last night Scout noticed Juniper and Duncan playing and he freaked out. I thought he thought they were spooking at something, because he wouldn't act that way over something as silly as a new fly mask, would he?
Why yes. Yes he would. I dismounted and eventually took the fly mask off and he felt better about Juniper, but he was still worried about the fly mask. We did some basic, calm ground work and he kept going back to visit the fly mask, and eventually we gathered our brains and had a nice little ride.

Juniper didn't seem to mind her fly mask once I had Duncan try it on. It didn't smell like a horse so it was a suspicious article to her at first. Duncan didn't like the long ears.

Scout got a different "gift" in the mail. I've needed these since my old set went with my good saddle. These are made by weaver leather, the wider width "Utah hobbles" and they're great quality.

His hooves are a bit long. I guess 7 weeks between farrier visits this time of year is too long. Bella's hooves are busting out and I had to trim one of Duncan's because it started to split. I wish my farrier would do a barefoot trim. I like the guy a lot but his trim is too long, dang it.

I gotta go. I hope you have a beautiful day!


Linda said...

Who knows what they see when they look at that! Funny! I've never used hobbles,but I've seen a lot of people use them. I'm curious why.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

When we're out camping or even on a lunch break in the mountains, it frees up the horses to graze without the danger of them running off. I don't think Scout will ever be a candidate for a picket stake because he's such a big lug he'd just pull it out of the ground, and a high line isn't always an option for shorter breaks. Hobbles are easy to carry and put on, and if the horse is properly trained they sure are handy. I would never just throw them on without first teaching them to give to pressure with a rope on their legs. And of course the first few times they wear them they have guidance in the round pen.