Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Loving My Horse

Sawyer is so cool. We ride around, do obstacles, look in the kitchen window while John is doing dishes, pick things up and move them around the property. He just takes it all in stride.

He isn't totally an old plug, I learned on our first trail ride of the year. He knows exactly where the trailer is at all times. He'd like to suggest, as often as possible, that we head back that way. And he does go faster once he's headed toward it.  Not in a jiggy way though, and he does slow down when I ask. It's something to work on. We all need something to work on, right?

What makes the difference between a horse who loves to explore and a horse who can't wait to get back? My main long term trail horses, Scout and Tonka, have loved to explore, but they were always my horses, never belonged to anyone else, and they like my company pretty well. With time will Sawyer feel the same way? He likes me but I'm clearly not as cool as a horse in his book.  He has gotten to where he'll leave the others to come to me even when it's not feeding time, so that must mean I'm not chopped liver. He must know I'm going to saddle him up & still he comes in. :)

I'm on a saddle quest right now. Wish me luck. I didn't know it would be this hard. I need a lightweight saddle that fits him better. Every time I ride right now I end up with a headache for at least 24 hours. I weighed the saddle I ride him in and it's 42 pounds. I tried out a nice light 24 pound saddle and it was perfect but it didn't fit him. It was a lovely ride though, much more close contact than the roper.  I'm really looking forward to riding a different saddle.

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Linda said...

Yes. Horses are so smart and they do bond deeply, but it takes time. I cured my horses by riding to the trailer and PAST the trailer and back out on the trail. Actually, I did a lot more last year, but that sums up the most important part. It works. Cowboy used to love to end a ride, but 5?or 6 years later, he’d always pretend like he didn’t see the trailer and just keep on walking. A lot of it is also time of year. He sounds GOLDEN!!