Friday, June 15, 2018

Random Photos

The dogs think family get-togethers are all about them. Winston tries to get in everyone's lap and Huckleberry does a lot of excited screaming and hollering and trying to hold hands until you give him something else to hold on to. Blue came home with Katia for this one but we had to lock him in a bedroom. A fight was imminent.

Sawyer and I tried out my sister's 5 star pad to see if it would help with the saddle slipping back. My sister said it was super grippy. It didn't help with that, but it did help with side to side slippage on rotund Scout. I don't think I'll spend the money to get one though.

Evening on the Palouse. Riding on the road isn't super fun but the view isn't too bad.

My sister's little Jose. He's a good little guy. He sits with my sister all the time. I'm so glad she has him. He's a very good dog, not at all a piranha unless you try to rub her shoulders. Then he has a tiny wrath that's pretty funny.

I almost had a new family member. This little guy on the right, below. We got 10 kittens from the Humane Society to spay and neuter and this one just got my attention from across the room and kept it. Love at first sight, you know. I packed him around for quite a while. They called him Johnny Jump Up. :) It turned out he was the ONLY cat in the group that was already adopted. Poo.
It did get me thinking about another cat though. Our 2 boys moved away to live at the neighbor's and Angel is going to be 14 this year. That's pretty old for a barn cat. Sometime in the next couple years we might need a cat or two. Or maybe a terrier? John really dislikes cats. Hmm.


Linda said...

Kittens are so sweet. I don’t understand how anyone can dislike cats, but I know plenty who do. My hubby says he’s allergic, but he’s not. 😂 that’s a beautiful photo of the Palouse.

Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

My husband grew up with a series of seriously psycho cats owned by his sister. One of them would fly through the air and attack your face. I'm not really a "cat person" probably because I didn't grow up with them but there are a lot of cats I do like. I just don't understand why they think everyone wants to see their buttholes up close and personal. And I am a little allergic. I'm glad I didn't get that kitten now that my sister's health has taken a turn for the worse.

Linda said...

I’m sorry to hear that Andrea. It is probably a good thing not to have your time any more distracted right now. I’m sure she, and her family, needs you. Sending a hug to you, my friend.