Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Shopping Woes

I must confess, I have been pretty seriously horse shopping. Sawyer really needs a lighter load. Don't worry, he's still happily munching away here. I haven't been able to bring myself to advertise him. I waited too long to ask my farrier about him, and he wasn't interested anymore. Bummer.

Horse shopping is hard. Misrepresentation, high expectations on my part, hard times even getting people to respond, believe it or not, or if they do, they can't show the horse for 3 weeks.  Some responses are so vague I ask them to call me and get nothing. A lot of them aren't local, so I have to decide if they're worth that much energy before I drive that far. Vague replies won't do. Ugh.

I have very few in my possibles list, and one is in foal so I think I'm going to disqualify her. But we're coming up on that time of year when people start dumping horses, so we'll see.

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Linda said...

Hard to find, but they’re out there!