Saturday, September 22, 2018


I don't know what I'd do without my critters. I sure wouldn't laugh as much! There wouldn't be near as much happy quiet bonding time. And no enjoyable work. Just housework. Yuck.

Yesterday someone was supposed to come look at Sawyer but they canceled. I don't mind too much. If they're not dedicated, they're not for him. I decided to try to make some more video of him. That's pretty hard to do by yourself.

He makes me laugh! He's just a tiny bit naughty, wanting to get to work, not sure why I'd want to show the video that you can mount and dismount from both sides.

We cruised around for a while, and sometimes I let him decide where to go. Inevitably it led to a nice patch of grass or tasty thistles, but sometimes he took the long way to get there. It's fun to be able to trust your horse enough to drop the reins and watch a video while he cruises around. :) I think he had a lot of fun too. Maybe he's been bored.

I turned Sawyer loose to eat whatever green grass he could find and went to get Scout. It was time to turn him in with the mares and see how he'd get along with Halla. He offended her right off the bat. She's a shy girl and he marched right up to her. She nailed him once, there was a slow chase with her kicking up to let him know he needed to back off, then Bella intervened and started a grooming fest.

Note the common theme in these photos. Someone always wants all of the attention.

She's rather unpleasant to pet though. I'm not sure why donkeys love to be so dusty. I assume it's a natural protection from bugs or the sun. My sinuses don't love it. Of course I love and pet her anyway.

I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures of Halla. She was right there with me and Juniper. She's a love. Cautious, still, but she's letting down her guard. She wants to groom me back sometimes. It's cute. I think she's still real standoffish with other people. Liam says she won't let him approach her in the pasture.

Pretty duck eggs, just for fun.

Trying out an Australian saddle. Not my favorite but it was OK. Slippy. Not great for my challenged balance. Nice on the downhill though, with those poleys.

And some nice trail ride pics from last weekend.  Loving my Halla!

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Linda said...

Halla is very pretty. It seems like Sawyer would have no problem finding a home with kids / grandkids. He’s pretty golden. I’d be interested, but I have nine now and half of the herd are elders.

The only place I’m truly happy is with my herd. I’m with them as much as possible, which is quite a lot. Winter will make it more difficult to just hang out out there. I dread winter.