Sunday, December 22, 2019


Get it? Donkeyshines, like monkeyshines? Sounds a lot better than saying assplay instead of horseplay. :D

Buster is doing well, and he is SO relieved to be done with his course of antibiotics. So am I. We can't do anything to get his respiratory rate up but we can work on softness, stroll around, and cuddle a lot. He even let me sit next to him and love on him while he was lying down the other night, which actually scared me, I thought he was sick, but he wasn't.

I signed us up for a Ty Evans clinic in Spokane in June. My birthday present. So far just the groundwork portion since the ridden portion is sold out, but I asked to be put on a wait list if someone cancels. If nothing else I can audit the parts we don't participate in, and 4 days of uninterrupted time with my donkey and other mule and donkey people will be wonderful. I am so glad to have my new trailer to camp in! I can't wait.

Juniper went for a little walk with me yesterday. She was feeling just a bit saucy. She seriously doesn't like my stupid dog. But she didn't kick him. Good girl. I'd like to start getting her out more and doing some more serious training. She's old enough now, and big enough too! Maybe not very mentally mature but that's no excuse to let her sit.

I've been busy with holiday prep lately, some extra things on my schedule, and headaches, but I made another tweak to my diet and I think it's helping. And I'm trying a new treatment. We'll see. I'm feeling like more donkeyshines are in order, and that's a good thing!

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