Friday, May 26, 2006

May 25, 2006 - Day 5

Notice anything missing? No Halter! He is a very good boy about haltering, so he gets to run around naked now! So exciting.

We didn't do much today other than pet and visit. I rubbed his legs some more, but mostly just hung out and encouraged him to come to me on his own. He loves to come up and sniff noses. Liam hanging on the gate was a little scary but as you can see he got over that.

I had to be gone in the evening and didn't feed until after dark. He was terrified of the flashlights. Poor guy. I'm not sure exactly how to deal with that. Maybe I can leave one on out there at night, then eventually start carrying it around. Or start at dusk and wear the head light while I work him, then as it gradually gets darker and the light gets more noticeable he won't be scared because he'll already know what it is.

I think he's already gaining weight. In addition to the constant grass hay supply (I feed 3x daily) he also gets fresh cut grass. Not lawn clippings, don't worry. I'm gradually cutting down all the tall grass around his pen with my grass shears and giving it to him. He's just a bit spoiled :)

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