Friday, May 26, 2006

May 26, 2006 - Day 6

This morning I took my dog Maya out with me while I fed. SCARY! Funny, he wasn't too worried about Angus, the great dane/rott, but Maya was scary. She does look a bit like a wolf, and she wasn't on a leash and she was running around kind of erratically. He jumped when he first saw her, and pranced around a bit. I brought her to the gate and convinced her to go close enough for him to sniff. I think she was more afraid than he was. They sniffed noses and all was well. He was a bit jumpy this morning though. Not sure if it's because of the windy weather or the dog, but I'm betting it was the dog. She was a good girl and just lay there and watched while I played with him.

I haltered him and clipped on a lead with no fuss. He didn't really want to be led though. I had already given him a big pile of grass and he was reluctant to leave it. So we'll have to work on that some more. He did lead, just kept trying to stick in one spot.

I had some treats with me, free samples from the Expo. The other horses loved them. They're called Berry Good and they're a little alfalfa cube with berries added in. It took some convincing and he dropped the first one, but he ate some of them! I'm not normally a treat giver. It's a very special occasion sort of thing because I don't like to encourage nibbling. But this is the first thing that isn't hay or grass that he's been willing to eat. I'd like to get him eating a little feed so I can start adding minerals to his diet. Right now he won't try the mineral mix I have or the loose salt with minerals. I sprinkled some over his hay today in hopes that he'll get some.

His gooby snotty nose is still there. He's not coughing at all and it's not too gross looking. So I think it's something that will just pass. I really don't want to set us back by having to force nasty tasting things into his mouth. Of course I don't want him sick either, but I don't think it's serious right now.

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